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Through the initiative of Nabunturan Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. John Lennon, the cooperative was organized with 25 founding cooperators and a Php 2,500.00 initial capital on December 4, 1965. Registered to the Bureau of Cooperative Development on August 31, 1967. Today, through the prudent management and adherence to financial disciplines, NICO has grown to its coop members and users to over 40,000 and almost Php 2 Billion assets.
  1. The membership in NICO is open to any natural person who is a resident of the Philippines, Filipino citizens and of legal age.
  2. In addition thereto, the prospective member must:
    1. Possess a common bond of membership;
    2. Pledge to undertake the duties and responsibilities of membership;
    3. Reside in the area of operation
    4. Complete the prescribed pre-membership cooperative education program
    5. Complete the payment of the prescribed minimum share capital; and
    6. Use or anticipate to use the services of NICO more particularly savings and lending and other services related thereto.

After attending the Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES), the following must be submitted:

  • -Membership Application Form
  • 2 pcs. 2×2 recent colored ID picture
  • photocopy of valid ID-Photocopy of Marriage Certificate if married, Birth Certificate if single
  • Police Clearance or NBI Clearance
  • Photo copy of TIN Card
  • Paid the required shares for membership.

Regular member – is one who must possess all the qualifications but none of the disqualifications for membership, and is entitled to all rights and privileges of membership. Regular members are those who are able to reach the desired share capital within two (2) years of membership.

Associate member

Share Capital is the member’s investment to NICO. It cannot be withdrawn unless membership is terminated or Full Membership withdrawal. Share capital may be used as a collateral for some loan products.
Members are required to reach a minimum of Php 4,000.00 share capital within two (2) years of membership.
Regular Savings is the member’s savings account with required maintaining balance of Php. 1000.00. Members must have atleast P1,000.00 regular deposit balance to gain interest.

Nabunturan Integrated Cooperative has designed special savings products to suit our member’s needs. NICO design special savings products to cater the services needs to every individual.

Only NICO members may avail of our loan products. Members are required to attend the Loan Orientation / Loan Briefing before availing any of our loan products. This orientation is required as we emphasize the responsibilities of members in availing of our loan products.

NICO’s Mortuary Program provides funeral benefits to deceased members with an affordable annual premium of Php 1,500.00.
If the deceased member is covered by our mortuary program, her / his beneficiaries may receive Php 100,000.00 for natural death. Related documents must be completely submitted to process the mortuary claim.
It is a savings program bundled with insurance that all NICO regular member may avail with: HSP- Health Savings Program, it is a savings program with a minimum pledge deposit of 500 pesos for 5years withdrawals permitted anytime for Medical Emergency provided that the member will present any of: (Doctor’s Prescription/ Receipts/ Medical Certificate/Hospital Bills) HIB- Hospital Income Benefits, Bundled Insurance: Php 500.00 Annual fee, 3 persons including the NICO member will be covered of insurance.

Yes, NICO offers several life and non-life insurances. For more details, please visit our Coop Assurance Center (CAC).

Savings products

Loan Products

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