Coop Assurance Center

Life and Non-life Insurace

  • Insuring Provisions:
    • Hospitalization be in excess of twenty-four (24) hours in duration per policy year
    • Confinement occurred the affectivity of coverage.

  • Limitations:
    During the first 12 months of coverage, no benefit will be granted for hospital confinement resulting from injury or sickness which was evident or for which medical advice or treatment was given the insured within three (3) months prior to the effective date of this policy.

  • Benefits and Premium
    In-patients Benefits at an Annual Aggregate Limit (per policy year)10,000 Php
    Accident Death Benefit (Principal Only)2,500 Php
    Annual Premium1,200 Php
  • Conditions
    • The ANNUAL AGGREGATE LIMIT is assured to pay hospitalization in-patient benefits for the Principal member and his immediate family members.
    • Age Requirement –Principal /Spouse: 18-65 years old (exit age:66)
    • Age requirement- Children: 2-17 years old
    • The accident Rider is applicable only for the Principal Member; and ends on the 65th Birthday


  • 24/7 Personal Accident Protection & Assistance Program
  • An individual Accident Insurance program designed for the coop members and their beloved family members as a standard accident insurance protection, with added benefits of medical re-imbursement, murder, unprovoked assault and hospital income rider.



The plan offers 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year, worldwide protection against accident which an insured person may be exposed to in the course of activities related to business or pleasure, whether on or off-the-job, occurring in the house or while travelling. Covering includes but not restricted to flying as passenger (not as crew member) in any commercial airline or any regular schedule, non-scheduled, chartered flight or any military transport operated by government authority.

The product is Group Yearly Renewable Term (GYRT) Insurance for the kids/ youth who are associate member, LabCoop Members or dependents of the Cooperative Members. It is an Insurance Plan which covers Life, Accidental Death, Cash Burial benefit and Accidental Medical Reimbursement.

Schedule of Benefits and Annual Premium

IncidentOption 1Option 2Option 3
Death due to Natural Cause or Sickness10,00015,00020,000
Accidental Death20,00030,00040,000
Cash Burial Benefit (Natural Cause Only)2,0003,0004,000
Accidental Medical Reimbursement2,0003,0004,000
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